Skin Care Review: Alpha H Liquid Gold

Skin Care Review: Alpha H Liquid Gold

It was a very long flight home and I thought to check the duty free on board especially with Skin care products. It’s usually a good form of retail therapy, you get to save some coins too.

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I turned and flipped the pages. I had a few products in mind and decisions are a Herculean task when it comes to choosing what you want versus what you need.

I always knew of Liquid Gold by Stratia and I’ve been eyeing it for sometime now. Out of the corner of my eyes, the Liquid Gold by Alpha H Skin care was giving me the “pick me” vibe. After I read the details, the beautifully written piece about this product, I was sold.

Fast forward to first use.

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Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid and Licorice

I quickly went through the ingredient list. Ah yes, a few of my favourite things: Glycolic Acid (for resurfacing & exfoliating) and Licorice (for brightening the skin and making it look glossy).

This is a concentrated skincare with 5% Glycolic Acid. The purpose of this treatment is to clarify, exfoliate, increase moisture in the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and pigmentation. Wow!! Miracle serum..

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I mean…

It has also won numerous awards and it is still a cult’s favourite best seller that promises overnight rejuvenation and revitalised aging skin with a low ph delivery system. Alpha H stated that in just 20 minutes, it decreases the depth of wrinkle, gives a surge of moisture and improves texture. Lol!! It’s possible but maybe my skin is different.

Skin careFollowing the instructions on the label, I used it the first time and it had this tingling sensation on my skin. I used it at night, ofcourse; Cotton wool to face after getting the product onto the cotton wool.

It says for extra benefits, do not moisturise after. That was the option I went with… it was used after cleansing as any treatment would be used and ofcourse Serums are more concentrated.

I woke up in the morning with the biggest, largest and most painful cyst, papules, pimple, acne and breakouts all over MY FACE!!!!!!! It was hideous and I was in utter shock!!!

I tried to understand the reason I was reacting to this product and got to know the concentration of Glycolic acid in it is 5%. This means that, it was a lot for my skin to handle at the time (I’ve always used Glycolic Acid but at 12% in lotion form and never reacted to it. This is one of the reasons I’d always say Serums are important in Skin care and you must use it when the skin would absorb it. That means after cleansing and toning).

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Different phases of Liquid Gold by Alpha H

Knowing Glycolic Acid to be a resurfant, I realised my skin was purging and all the baddies would be out  my only worry was waiting on it to get done purging and then treating the breakouts. I know the spots would be crazy so I was easy on the face. I used Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid and it took a while but eventually stopped with the purging and I began stop treating..

Fast forward to 8 weeks after, I got done with the Liquid Gold serum and I’m loving my skin right about now. The spots are almost non existent and I don’t look crazy no more.

The skin is a lot better using the serum and now it’s done, I considered repurchasing but I’ll wait a while.

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Amazing bounce back

I will repurchase though but not yet.

Have you used it? Please share your experience.

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