Skincare treatment: Products For Cold Sores

Skincare treatment: Products For Cold Sores

Skincare treatment for cold sores’ scabs / scars using Glycolic Acid and Salicylic acid without Vitamin C serum and Retinols. How to achieve this.

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Hey Skincare Mavens, I woke up with the horror on my face. Evident of an embarrassing cold sore. Every noticeable. It was uncomfortable for me.

Luckily, it healed but necessitated this article. The intended scab on my face was huge and discoloured. It was meant to be the black speck on a white wall.

I tackled it head on!

The normal routine

My morning routine is a really simple one. All I do is:

  1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  2. Tone with an alcohol free toner (usually by Thayers cucumber/Rose petals or Mario Badescu’s Aloevera Toner
  3. Exfoliate or treat: if I’m Exfoliating, it will be with an AHA or BHA. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is usually the go to exfoliant. It is the most effective for me. If I am treating, I use a Vitamin C serum or Niacinamide.
  4. Hydrate using Hyaluronic Acid with its special abilities to hold water unto the skin and making it supple.
  5. Moisturise using homemade body butters
  6. Protect using a sunscreen.

For my body, I definitely don’t have a choice in step 3. I just exfoliate and layer my skincare products. I don’t have any worries, all the benefits of the vitamin C serum I skipped will be slathered all over my skin, using the DIY Lemon Butter. Lemon is also an amazing, rich source of Vitamin C, not much of s power house as a serum. I must also use a sunscreen.

Switching up the game 

With the sore and scab, trying to ruin my street credibility lol, I quickly switched the morning regimen to be one with exfoliants and I had my reason.

  • You must also know that exfoliating should be done at lower concentration until you’re sure your skin can handle higher percentages.
  • Exfoliating should be done at most, 3 times a week, depending on the skin you have. Sometimes, if you’ve got sensitive skin, the dermatologist would recommend once a week. Over exfoliation can lead to redness, dryness and broken blood vessels. I know, right? OMG!
  • Exfoliation is done to get rid of dead skin and reveal fresh, bright, baby skin
  • Exfoliation can be done by brushing the dead skin away. This is what I do on my lazy day and it’s known as dry brushing.
  • Exfoliators like Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA & BHA) do not need to be combined with power houses like Retinols and Vitamins (A or C). The recommendation is to develop two routines to accommodate your regimen: Morning & Evening. You might choose to use Acids in the morning, Vitamins at night time. This is because the chemical components of each one cancels the other, rending all products/ ingredients  ineffective, what a waste of time and resources!
  • Moisturise properly after exfoliation/ exfoliating Skincare treatment.
Skincare treatment

My morning route all switched up to accommodate acids that would unclog dead skin and unglue it off the top layer of the skin. I have mainly acids in here and natural products. Couldn’t stop glowing

This time, it involved more acids than any other thing but you know how I’ve decided to use less chemicals, I’m excelling at it and I’m grateful for insights.

The Skincare treatment routine:

Skincare treatment involves tackling the skincare condition head on, using the right ingredients. The only result for your hardwork, is the radiance and skin condition, properly treated. For me, it was a huge discoloured scab and my goodness, poor thing, it cleared up by noon and I’m sure by Monday, I’ll be stunting to the office.

My Skincare treatment started with soldiers;

Cleansed with Acure’s Facial exfoliating brightening scrub, I used this all over my face on dry skin, using my palm to rub the scrub onto the skin in short, circular motions.

Toned with Aloe Vera toner by Mario Badescu. This is a lightweight, alcohol free, gentle and amazing toner. You know the benefits of Aloe Vera. This formula is extra special. It’s smell is light too and you call feel your skin velvety when done.

Treated my skin with Paula’s Choice skin perfecting 2% Salicylic acid by layering. This is the TRUTH!!!!!!!! It work wonders. Once I made sure the skin was well cleansed and surface was toned and the pores, well and ready to absorb any product, I used this on a cotton pad and applied it to my face. It helps unclog the skin, enhances its radiance and shrinks pores. I found it amazing. It’s got super powers. Luckily, no stinging was felt on the skin but the solid part of the sore fell off like a hard piece of whatever. And it decreased in size 5 hours later, almost invisible.

Advanced repair serum by Estée Lauder was the second treatment used after the Salicylic acid had dried, giving it an entire 30 minutes to get the PH level back up. It ofcourse is a best seller and I swear by it’s ability to take years off my face. I don’t look my age!! Period!! Lol. It is super hydrating too. I also applied the eye cream to fix the skin around my eyes.

Hydration was super boosted and pumped into the skin for instant radiance and glow with the Hadalabo Hyaluronic Acid (my favourite ever). The formulae is super hydrating and special. There is a link to its reviews here.

Moisturised with this intense super hydrating Lemon Body Butter by me. I took several things into cognizance, before whipping up this refreshing and fresh, moisture boosting butter, maximising  the full potentials of Lemon, with no added preservatives.

The results 

I went the whole day without makeup (yes you can too, send me an email for consultation). And yes, the recovery rate was quick. The affected area that once had dead and black sore / scar on my fresh, light skinned face, turned pink again as there is inflow of blood in that area, fighting and making sure the healing process is complete. The swelling went down by 95% and I’m no longer embarrassed.

Skincare treatment

Now I’m all ready to leave home much later after. Can you spot the scab or scar on my face? Nah I bet you can not! Check my previous post, you’d see it looking back at you. Haha

Now darling, I’m off to a meeting with my friend of over 18 years. I’m pleased with my results using the Skincare treatment. Remember guys, exfoliation is major key!

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