Synergies | Top Skin Foods, Food synergies for maximum vitality and glow

Synergies | Top Skin Foods, Food synergies for maximum vitality and glow

When you think of Synergies, do you link it with food?

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It is a quiet Sunday so I would give a little picture-esq illustration for healthy living.

The intention was to link this website to bloglovin but hey, I might as well leave a few letters.

Make the most of fruits and healthy foods to boost the immune system, healthy skin and overall well being.

Look closely, you’d find fruit punchs, Food Synergies and power foods.


Just because I’m forever on a diet (it’s a lifestyle, baby), The water infused in my favourite. I have rocked, mixed and remixed all of these. They are all deliciously yummy.

These include flavoured water (with fruits) instead of sodas, Food combo & metabolism boosting foods.

A portion of my food synergies….mixes have been  yummier though this. 

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Indulge in these goodness and prepare your meals for the week.

Whets is your favourite mix? I miss having sodas sometimes. I also take very little if I can’t help it. Shh! Don’t tell. Do you have cravings especially when on a diet? How do you curb it or does it kick your dieting to the curb?

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