Witch Hazel Toner: Game Changer

Witch Hazel Toner: Game Changer

Witch Hazel Toner- The $10 Wonder

What is Witch Hazel?

Simply put, Witch Hazel is a miracle plant that does awesome wonders but I’ll go deeper.

Witch Hazel is the component (Major star product) of most cosmetic and health care products due to its amazing benefits. It is an astringent- meaning that it causes pulling, shrinking and contraction of body tissues and cells. If you’ve got oil skin, say hello to your little friend.

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This plant, barks and twigs are obtained from the plant -shrub, called Witch Hazel. This can be found in North America (Remind me to take a plant or seed type so I’ll grow it at mines, when I visit the North is America again).

The water or concentrate, derived from With Hazel (natural), is called a Toner from Witch Hazel either in alcohol content or water. This is loaded with numerous healing properties, mostly untold.

Uses of Witch Hazel on the skin

There are so many skin conditions but what’s a problem with Witch Hazel? If that plant was human, it would be Superman without the Kryptonite.

Witch Hazel Toner

Witch Hazel Toner

1. Acne’s match- There would be less acne if there is consistent use of this product, religiously. Witch Hazel has been commercialized into Toners, the most popular of its use. Daily application after a shower is the best form to achieve long lasting results. Using this decreases excess oil production, reduces redness and inflammation, dries up the acne itself while you continue to remove and unclog the skin by exfoliating.

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2. Radiant skin– If you ever need a product capable to clearing up your skin and making it flawless, Use the Witch Hazel Toner. After a bath, apply the liquid substance on a cotton pad, gently rub on the face in small circular motions, do not pull or tug. Do this daily, twice a day.

3. Smaller skin pores– This is my go-to product after I’m done with a facial or clay masks. Clay masks somewhat leaves my skin dry but very bright. One hour after the clay mask has been washed, I use the Toner on my face before any moisturiser. The combination is amazing!

Tips– Do not open a pimple or touch it. You will end up scarring your skin or causing Hyperpigmentation. Use a cotton pad and apply Witch Hazel Toner directly in that surface anytime there is a zit. Finish off with using other effective antibacterial products that are easy on the skin. Vinegar and Tea tree oil is great. Apple cider vinegar is the preferred antibacterial.

4. Alternative to mass sunscreen. DIY anything is usually undervalued. Im always up for these. Avoid the use of harmful chemicals which are bought negligently at the beauty store as brands producing for the masses are usually limited /controlled in active ingredients. The list of ingredients are starring right back at you. Witch hazel in itself is strong and from a barrier on the skin, preventing and protecting against skin cancer. You can DIY a Toner or DIY a Vitamin C serum which comes after a Toner in a simply skin care routine.

It is a natural antioxidant containing Tannin and Polyphenols. These are key compounds in achieving an healthy skin.

5. Excellent anti-aging agent– It’s active chemicals, Tannin and polyphenols are great at keeping the skin looking young. This is done by tightening the skin and reducing fine lines. Daily application of Witch Hazel Toner in the morning and night for 30 days can make you sing Hallelujah. Once it is applied, you can actually feel your skin tighten up. This is not drying (there’s a difference).

6. Prevents in-grown hair and bumps– right after shaving, applying a healthy amount of Witch Hazel on the shaved area greatly decrease she the chances of bumps or ingrown hair. If you’ve ever DIYed a mix of uncoated aspirin, Isopropyl alcohol and Witch Hazel, as a mixture to treat ingrown hair and bumps, you’d have a baby smooth skin after shaving.

With Witch Hazel, there are mostly no side effects or reactions. I don’t recommend you do a patch test prior to application, to be on the safe side. This patch test should be done on the arm or leg, using a very small quantity. Watch your skin for any reaction/ irritations.

As I always say, everything in moderation, a little goes a long way. Your skin would determine what is best for you.

Witch Hazel

More details on Thayers Witch Hazel

Enjoy all the benefits of Witch Hazel. The only one I’d ever recommend is by Thayer’s.

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