Woes On The Worst Skin Care Products I Purchased Early 2017-Price vs Result

Woes On The Worst Skin Care Products I Purchased Early 2017-Price vs Result

Aargh!!! The worst skin care products I bought   in 2017.

You know how people love makeup so much, they’ve got a gazillion makeup products on their dresser they don’t use.

Kudos to you. I’ve had my fair share and honestly, I’m quite pleased that I did. I know never to touch those products again.

I stepped into the elevator after I struggled one morning. I caught a glimpse of my face in the elevator mirror. I was in shock.

I’m the loyal exfoliator. It worked wonders for my skin and I haven’t been able to stop. That one day, I saw my thin skin through the mirror.

The loss of radiance and obvious thinness got me into panic mode. I began searching for products online. I knew I had to skin build ASAP.

The worst skincare product

Lovely logo aye?

Ah, finally, Vitamin C serums. Super boosting moisturising lotion. Nah I’m doing it all. My bank card was looking back at me. I quickly placed my order.

My order came through the post. The price must be worth the save. Gosh I couldn’t wait. Pricey items. Serum at 75 quid. Lotions at 50. I remembered adding a more items. Atleast the ingredients seemed promising. Reputable brands and all. Yay me.

Great, just great! These items were super tiny. Oh well, they must have secret ingredients and you know how good things come in tiny packages. Quickly, I incorporated those into my daily regimen. What was I waiting for?

Fast forward to two months later. I kept observing and noticing no significant changes. Yah, the skin takes about 6 weeks to recover, I thought while placing an order for the next batch of woes.

Worst skin care products

An extra 6 weeks down, absolutely nothing. Wow! It hurt so bad. I thought to start afresh.

I exfoliated as usual, continued with older products and left the other ones on the dresser.

Going back online, I started looking carefully. Not at the prices and promises/brands. My main focus were the ingredients. Reluctantly, I placed my order. These were way competitive in prices than the other. I didn’t think much of it.


In three weeks, I noticed it was so sunny and I wondered if the sunscreen was x-mening the sun away from damaging my skin further.

I looked at my fingers, and Lord, it glowed back at me. Unbelievable! I got to work, used the elevator mirror and I could not believe the tremendous change.

With skin care, I had always known the price was way insignificant when compared to the ingredients in the mix but I never thought I’d experience it first hand.

For me, it’s goodbye to the synthetic ingredients found in commercialised mass-products. I embraced the better way and I look out for these ingredients for better skin nourishment

1. Healthy oils- Jojoba, Sweet Almond & Grapefruit Oils

2. Antioxidants- Vitamin C serums, Vitamin A Retinols

3. Natural Toners like Witch Hazel Toner or DIY Basil ? leaves in hot water. You might want to let it get cool and transfer to a spray bottler. Spritz or use with a cotton pad

4. Bee pollen or snail serum

5. Ceramides and protein Collagen.

6. Aqua/water

7. Hyaluronic acid for attracting water and holding it on my skin for supple and bright glow.

8. RoseWater or Glycerin.

9. Honey

10. Sea Salts

11. Aloevera


 Dont be mesmerised by those fancy names you can’t pronounce. That ingredients is probably rubbish and make sure your preferred ingredient makes the top 5 in the list of ingredients.  

Have you ever bought products that were an absolute waste of time? Please share your worst skin care products of all times

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